CoachAkord supports eaders, teams and organizations, fostering management and leadership styles

CoachAkord supports with passion, curiosity, and pragmatism

leaders, teams and organizations, fostering management and leadership styles which create best conditions for performance.

We believe in your teams’ complementarity and diversity, as well as in their potential to grow, in order to face your challenges and meet your targets efficiently.

CoachAkord [kotʃakɔ:d], proper noun: organization working towards tuning, harmony and alignment of individuals, teams and organizations. Associated terms: ethics, goodwill, reliability, structure, performance...

02Yours needs

We support at
each lifecycle step
of an organization,
a team, an individual:

We supports leaders and teams to drive organizational transformation

Examples of our interventions:

  • Support leaders and teams to drive organizational and/or cultural transformation
  • Build a Human Resources strategy and define its implementation details
  • Anticipate future competency needs
  • Mobilize teams around a common objective
  • Foster diversity within teams
  • Facilitate leaders’ on-boarding
  • Assess talents et accelerate their development
  • Develop management and leadership competencies
We support you to select best talents, aligned with your business challenges

Our competencies and expertise allow us to support you at each development stage of an individual, a team, an organization

Support you to select best talents, aligned with your business challenges

CoachAkord support leaders to make the right decisions while selecting a candidate for a key role:

  • Define the targeted profile, aligned with challenges at stake
  • Assess candidates and their potential through interviews, role plays, personality profiles…
  • Document recommendation and support decision-making

Facilitate the on-boarding of new employees, managers and leaders

CoachAkord supports employee’s integration in a key role and create conditions for success.

  • Define conditions for success in the new role
  • Individual Coaching
  • Trainings for new managers
  • Leader’s integration: team building

Supports the development and growth of your organizations, teams and individuals

CoachAkord advises and supports organizations, leaders and teams to meet internal and external environments evolutions.

  • Vision, strategy, and roadmap definition
  • Resource needs assessment: Strategic Workforce Planning, skills assessment …
  • Development programs for talents
  • Co-development workshops facilitation
  • 360° assessments : building questionnaire, provide feedback, support development plan definition
  • Individual/Team Coaching
  • Training
I'm an Human Resources leader. I have coached and advised many individuals and teams in this company and in various foundations
04About me

I have worked more than 20 years in a multinational company as a Human Resources leader and member of various leadership teams, in different environments such as R&D, Industrial, Commercial & Support functions.

As a certified coach since 2013, I have coached and advised many individuals and teams in this company and in various foundations, as a benevolent.

My experience of Human Resources, matrix and international organizations, organizational and cultural transformations allow me to propose my expertise and my energy to support you in leading your various challenges. I can work both in French and English.

I have worked with Eric several years, to support my teams (700+ employees, 10 countries) and myself in my own development. Eric’s support has been outstanding. He has brought a lot in analyzing complex situations, while stepping back and staying neutral to support rightly decision-making. I have been impressed by his capacity to integrate business needs. Eric is very structured, and his strategic approach combined with high emotional intelligence allow him to manage assignments consisting in building and coaching teams and leaders towards individual and collective performance.

Regis G.

Eric is a partner who inspires and develops trust as he listens. He understands what is at stake, he is kind, he constructively challenges and proposes solutions. He is able to rephrase in a simple and clear manner complex situations, whether it concerns organizations or talents’ development. His professionalism and full commitment are undeniable assets to supports partners towards success.

Emma V.

It has been a pleasure to work with Eric. He has a very clear vision on talents and knows how to position himself as a coach, provide feedback and develop leaders, whatever their level. He supported me several times in defining my recruitment needs, analyze profiles and identify the right one. Eric has a real talent in clarifying/challenging recruitment needs, assess people and conduct coaching and development discussions.

Henri L.
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